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Trying to find an attorney can be a stressful experience.  Many people do not know where to begin their search.  The Iowa State Bar Association offers two different services on its website to help you find a lawyer in Iowa

First, the Iowa Bar offers an attorney referral service.  To use this service, you simply fill out an online form providing information about yourself and your legal issue.  A lawyer referral is then sent to you within a day or two.  This service is free to use, and the initial consultation with your lawyer is limited to $25.

Second, the Iowa Bar offers an option to search for an attorney.  After inputting the legal practice area and location that you are interested in, a list of lawyers is presented.  What sets this service apart from similar search programs is that the Iowa Bar’s service includes a good deal of information about these lawyers.  This information includes other areas of practice, education, professional associations, and in some cases a photograph.  This service is free to use, although there is no limit on the cost of your initial meeting with one of these lawyers.

Finally, in addition to finding a lawyer through the services offered by the Iowa Bar, there are also private attorney referral services available.  These can easily be found online.  Generally, private referral services will provide multiple lawyer referrals, and include information about the lawyers.  Also, these services often include access to a free legal library on their websites.  Private attorney referral services are usually free to use, and the initial consultation with your lawyer is capped at a low amount.

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