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How Does Having Life Insurance Impact How I Plan to Leave Assets to Family and Friends?


By having a life insurance policy, your beneficiaries receive some benefits that can make administration of your estate less costly and less of a burden on your family and friends:

Does Everyone Need Life Insurance?

No. Life insurance is primarily for the person who wants to take care of family members or other loved ones. It also depends on the immediate financial situation of the person, since those who are more strapped for cash obviously have greater priorities than paying for a life insurance policy. There are certain factors you should think about when determining whether you really need a life insurance policy:

Who Can I Talk to if I Have Further Questions Relating to How a Life Insurance Policy Will Affect My Estate Planning?

You may want to consult an attorney who has experience in estate planning. Your attorney can help you plan out your estate based on your future needs as well as the needs of your dependents. Your attorney can help you understand whether it would be advantageous for you to purchase a life insurance policy, and how it will affect your dependents once you have passed on.

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