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Can an Employer Talk about His Religious Beliefs with His Employees?

It is acceptable for an employer to express his religious beliefs to an employee, but within certain limits. The employer must make sure that his employees understand that they do not have to adopt their employer's religious beliefs in order keep their jobs or be promoted. Another limit is that an employer cannot keep proselytizing to an employee if the employee requests the employer not to, because that could be considered harassment. 

Can an Employer Base Business Objectives and Goals upon Biblical Principles?

Yes, because it is not considered discriminatory for an employer to set forth a business goal that is also tied to a religious principle. But an employer may not force religious training on any employee. The employer may only use religious passages to help convey a business principle. 

Can Employees Complain about the Use of Religious Materials?

If an employee complains about the use of the material, the employer cannot fire the employee for lodging the complaint. Employees have a right not to suffer through religious harassment in the workplace, and may utilize these rights by complaining to an employer if they feel uncomfortable. 

What Can I Do If I Am Uncomfortable with the Use of Religious Materials at Work?

If you have complained to your employer about being uncomfortable with the level of religious proselytizing that goes on in the workplace and your employer does not respond, or even worse, terminates your employment, you may be a victim of religious discrimination. An experienced employment attorney can help you determine if you have a case against your employer. An employment attorney also can represent you in court should you chose to sue. 

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