Effect To Will When Moving to A Different State

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Will My Original Will Be Valid In Another State?

When changing residences from one state to another, your will must be reviewed to make sure that it conforms with the state laws of the new state to which you are moving. As the requirements for creating a valid will vary from state to state, you may have to change your will to conform to the new state's law for it to be recognized there.

What Are Some Common Will Requirements That Differ From State To State?

General areas to be identified and addressed regarding whether your will is valid in a new state include:

I Have Recently Moved To A New State And Have An Existing Will - Do I Need An Attorney To Help Me Rewrite My Will To Comply With The New State's Laws?

Whenever you move to a new state, you should have a new will prepared in accordance with the laws of that state, or at least make sure that your existing will conforms to your new state's laws. An attorney experienced in estate planning in your new state can look at your existing will and determine if any changes must be made to conform to your new state's laws.

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