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Automobile insurance rates are the payments each automobile owner must make to be covered by insurance. Insurance companies have a number of options when a member is convicted of a DUI. First, insurance companies can drop a policy holder and require him or her to find another insurance provider. Second, an insurance company can raise the rates of a person's car insurance. The rates of a person convicted of a DUI may be so high it might be necessary to change insurance companies.

What Steps Can I Take to Prevent High Insurance Rates?

There are a variety of steps a person convicted of a DUI can take regarding insurance rates. These include:

What is an SR-22?

An SR-22 is an insurance company form that removes a suspension order placed on a person¿s driving privileges. The SR-22 indicates to the DMV that a person is covered by that insurance company with some type of automobile insurance. A person that has been convicted of a DUI must have an SR-22 form to have their driver's license reinstated.

Should I Consult an Attorney?

An experienced criminal defense attorney can be extremely helpful in DUI cases. These defense attorneys can help to evaluate the evidence against a suspect and determine whether the field sobriety tests were administered correctly. In addition, experienced criminal defense attorneys might be able to reduce any penalties imposed on first time offenders.

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