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What is a Dissolution Agreement?

A dissolution agreement is generally required for married couples who are filing for dissolution of marriage.  Dissolution is similar to divorce in that it will legally terminate the marriage relationship.  However, dissolution is typically used when the partners agree on most legal issues related to the proceeding.  In comparison, a divorce may be contested, and may require the intervention of a judge for some matters.  The dissolution agreement lays out the terms that are agreed upon by the partners. 

What Should a Dissolution Agreement Cover?

The exact details to be covered in a dissolution agreement may vary according to state laws, and according to each individual case.  However, most dissolution agreements will address:

The dissolution agreement may also cover other issues as well.  As mentioned, this will all depend on state laws, and in some cases it may depend on specific instructions from the judge.  Marriage dissolution legal disputes are common, and often arise due to the parties’ inability to reach conclusions on various terms. 

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help With a Dissolution Agreement?

Dissolution agreements should be drafted carefully and reviewed to ensure that they are meeting the requirements.  You may wish to hire a lawyer if you need assistance with a dissolution agreement, and with any court proceedings.  Your attorney can provide you with the legal advice and representation needed during your court hearings. 

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