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What Are Defective Seatbelts?

Seatbelts are designed to save people lives in case of a car accident. If the seatbelt is manufactured improperly or is defective in any way, it will fail to provide occupants adequate safety in events of car accidents. In those situations, the manufacturer of the car may be held strictly liable for the increased harm to the victim.

Seatbelts do save people's lives. But sometimes those involved in car accidents suffer worse injuries because of a defect in the seatbelt. In those situations, the manufacturer of the car may be held liable for the increased harm to the victim.

What Are Some Common Seatbelt Defects?

There may be a defect in the design or construction of your seat belt.  For example: 

One should note, however, that, even with the above risks, wearing a seat belt is always a better idea than not wearing one.

What Is the Compensation for Seatbelt Defect Injuries?

If an occupant of a vehicle was wearing the seatbelt properly, but the seatbelt failed to provide adequate safety in the event of a car accident, the occupant may seek compensation for his or her injuries. Compensation will include:

Should I Consult a Lawyer about a Defective Seatbelt?

If you are injured in a car accident and believe that your injuries were worsened by a defective seat belt, an experienced personal injury lawyer can evaluate the merits of your claim. A products liability attorney can file any necessary paperwork and represent you in court. An experienced product liability attorney can also help negotiate larger settlements or obtain higher court awards for injuries that you have suffered.

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