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Can I Get My Criminal Record Cleared?

Many criminal convictions can be cleared from an individual’s criminal record through record sealing or expungement. This means, under certain circumstances, an individual may ask the court to erase a conviction from your permanent record, in which case, subsequent courts and law enforcement officials may not have access to certain elements of your criminal past. The following are criteria wherein your criminal record may be cleared: 

Once I Have Cleared My Record, Can it Still Be Used against Me?

Even if your record is clear, the following situations might still affect you: 

Why Is It Important to Clear My Record?

Many have easy access to criminal records since its easy to find and inexpensive. Having a criminal record may affect your ability to find a job since many places conduct criminal background checks. It will also be harder to rent apartments since many tenants go through a background investigation. The more time that has passed since the conviction, presentation of rehabilitation and credible sources that show good character are all essential in trying to convince a judge to grant a record clearance.

Should I Contact a Lawyer about My Criminal Record?

If you have questions about the status of your criminal record, or want to attempt to have your record cleared, the advice of a criminal defense attorney or an experienced expungement lawyer can be extremely helpful.

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