Child Support Basis in Illinois

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Child Support Basis in Illinois

Child support in Illinois is based on a percentage of the non-custodial parent's net income and how many children that parent is responsible for supporting. The minimum percentage of the net income is 20% for one child, 25% for two, 32% for three, 40% for four, 45% for five, and 50% for six or more children. If the income is very high, the court can set a lower percentage. Interest of 9% per year is added to child support that isn't paid within 30 days.

What Is an Income-Withholding Order?

When a child-support order is entered, the court also issues an income-withholding order. This is a separate order that can be served on the employer of a parent, to withhold the amount he/she owes from that parent's salary.

What about the Child's Education?

If necessary the court can set aside a portion of the parent's joint or separate assets in a separate trust or fund for the support and education of the child.

Can the Child Support Order Be Modified?

 Yes, it can be modified if there has been a change in circumstances, such changes are:

Do I Need a Lawyer?

If you are seeking to establish child support, it may be wise to speak with an experienced family lawyer. Consulting with a family lawyer can help you understand your options and help you deal with the complicated legal system.

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