Child Custody Decisions in Colorado

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What do Colorado Courts Consider in Determining Child Custody?

The Colorado court will allocate custody and responsibilities in accordance with the best interests of the child.  In particular they will consider the mental, physical and emotional needs of the child when issuing a custody order.  Custodial parents are encouraged to maintain frequent and continuing contact between the child and non-custodial parents. 

What factors will a court use in determining full custody?

The court will consider all relevant factors in awarding custody, which include:
• The desires of both the child and the parents concerning residence arrangements and visitation schedules
• The relationship between the child and each individual parent, as well as relationships to siblings and grandparents
• The child’s mental and physical health
• The geographical distance between parents and how this affects the allocation of parenting responsibilities
• Evidence indicating spousal or child abuse, or instances of child neglect

Does Colorado child custody law contain any unique provisions?

Yes, the Colorado revised statutes contain provisions which deal specifically with genetic testing for the purposes of determining a person’s biological relation to the child.  The provisions state that if a party requests for genetic testing of another person, such request shall not prejudice the requesting party’s custody and visitation rights.

Should I contact a Lawyer for my Child Custody issues in Colorado?

Working with a lawyer is essential in child custody hearings.  Colorado laws governing this area of family can be quite complex, especially if the custody involves travel to a different state or jurisdiction.  Also, custody orders are binding on both parents, and so it is important to have a lawyer review the order to make sure that it serves the child’s best interests.

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