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What Is a Car Accident?

A typical car accident occurs when an automobile collides into another automobile. Other forms of car accidents may involve several automobiles, colliding into bicyclists, and hitting pedestrians.Depending on the speed the driver is going and whether the driver is intoxicated, the accident can be very serious.

In most car accidents, the injured party sues the driver based on a negligence claim. The injured party does not have to prove that the driver intentionally hit him. However, the injured party must show that the driver owes him a duty of care, the driver breach that duty of care, and the breach was the actual cause of the injury. For example, the driver was driver 60 mph in a school zone.

What Should I Do If I’ve Been Injured?

When you are injured, you should get the other driver’s personal information including address, driver license number, and car insurance information. If the accident is more than minor scraps and bumps, a police should be called on scene to make a report.

Afterwards, if you need medical attention, visit a doctor right away. The will also make a medical record of any personal injury you have.

The police report and the medical report will be used as evidence during the car accident lawsuit to prove your damages.

What Types of Damages Can Be Recovered?

The most common type of damages that are recoverable is monetary damages to offset the injured party’s injuries and damages to his car. If the driver carries car insurance, then his insurance may cover all of your damages. However, if it does not cover all of it, then the driver may be personally liable.

For driving under the influence (DUI) accidents, there may be additional criminal fines assessed.

For accidents caused by a manufacturing or design defect, then the car manufacturer may owe you damages as well.

Should I Consult an Attorney?

Car accidents may be extremely complicated, especially when multiple parties are involved. An experienced lawyer can represent you. He can help you file suit and even negotiate a better settlement plan to get you the most money possible.

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