California Gun Possession Lawyers

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California Gun Possession Lawyers

Some states place limitations on firearm possession and sales. These are the restriction on firearms in California:

Does California Require Background Checks?

Yes, on all firearms sales including those at gun shows. The waiting period to get a permit to buy the gun is 10 days. The state is then forced to destroy the records on the sale of rifles and shotguns. There is also a restriction on how often you can buy a gun. Handguns are restricted to one per 30 days.

Is it Illegal to Carry a Concealed Weapon?

Yes, but police have some discretion.

Does California Require a License to Possess Firearms?

Yes, they do require people who wants to buy a handgun to obtain a handgun safety certificate (a license).

Does California Have a Ban on Assault Weapons?

Yes, the state has banned certain types on automatic weapons according to their characteristics.

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