California Child Support and Spousal Support Calculations Using Dissomaster

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When Must Child Support Be Paid in California?

In California, child support must be paid regardless of whether the parents were married until the child does any of the following:

Dissomaster Child Support Calculations in California

Almost all California family law attorneys and family judges are trained to use a computer program called Dissomaster which takes each parents individual factors into account and calculates the proper amount of child support. The factors include each parent’s income, time spent with the child, property taxes, union dues, as well as numerous other factors.

When Must Spousal Support Be Paid in California?

Spousal support, also known as alimony, is payments from one spouse to the other after a divorce or separation is filed.  California courts have wide discretion in awarding or not awarding spousal support, and the exact amount to award.  It is possible for a court to decide neither spouse is entitled to spousal support. The court may also order the husband to pay spousal support to the wife or order the wife to pay spousal support to the husband.

Dissomaster Spousal Support Calculations in California

California family law attorneys and judges use Dissomaster to calculate guideline spousal support much like they do child support.  A number of factors are used to determine what guideline spousal support should be, including the length of marriage, any minor children between the spouses, each spouse’s income, as well as a spouse’s health.

Child Support and Spousal Support Modifications Using Dissomaster

Once the initial child or spousal support orders are established they can be modified based on a change of circumstances. Some reasons for a modification in child or spousal support payments are a spouse losing their job, suffering an illness, the marital child reaching the age of majority, or one of the spouses obtaining a significant income increase or decrease. If there is any type of significant financial or lifestyle change a new Dissomaster calculation can be run to establish a new support order.

Should I Consult a California Family Attorney About Using Dissomaster?

The Dissomaster program is available to the public for purchase and it costs approximately $500, but learning how to use the program is difficult and something lawyers are specifically trained to use. If the calculations are not done properly you may receive less than you are entitled to or pay more than you are required to. If you are seeking to establish or modify child support or spousal support, working with an experienced family lawyer will help you understand your rights and help protect your interests.

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