Calculating Spousal Support in New York

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Calculating Spousal Support in New York

In New York, the law governing spousal support (also known as spousal maintenance) has one overarching goal: for the party receiving support to eventually become financially independent. With that goal in mind, it is very rare for courts in New York to grant spousal support for an indefinite term.

Unlike child support, there is no strict formula that New York courts follow in awarding spousal support. The most important factor considered in awarding spousal support is the standard of living that the supported party is accustomed to.

When the parties are involved in a divorce, the court will consider an award of spousal maintenance if either party requests it. There are several factors the court will consider, including:

As in most states, New York courts are not limited to these factors. They have discretion to consider any information which might change the amount of spousal support.

A qualified New York lawyer can provide you more information if there is a legal basis for your case.

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