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Finding the right lawyer for your legal issue can often be overwhelming.  Many people in Florida choose to use an attorney referral service if they don’t know where to start looking for a lawyer.

The state of Florida has many lawyer referral services, or “LRS” organizations.  Some of these are privately operated, but most of these are operated by a legal bar association.  For example, the Florida State Bar itself offers a lawyer referral service for selected counties.  However, the State Bar lawyer referral service program does not cover all of Florida’s counties.

On the other hand, most Florida counties also have their own independent bar association, apart from the statewide bar organization.  A few examples of local bar associations include the Palm Beach County Bar Association and the Tallahassee Bar Association.  You may wish to check with your county bar association to see if they offer attorney referral services.  However, these organizations only service their respective areas and will therefore have a limited selection of attorney choices. 

Due to its particular geographic location, many Florida residents have unique legal needs.     
Some lawyer referral services are connected with specialized associations that focus in on a particular field or community.  Some of these are the Bankruptcy Bar Association of the Southern District of Florida, or the Cuban American Bar Association.  These groups may offer legal referrals, usually for a fee.  If you have a specific concern, you might want to inquire with these types of entities. 

So, lawyer referral services are a commonly-used avenue for persons who need to be connected with a lawyer.  You should note, however, that most LRS programs may involve one or more fees during the process.  For example, a typical lawyer referral service will charge you a small fee when they provide you with an attorney’s contact information.  Additionally, the attorney whom you call will also charge a fee for initial consultation, which usually occurs through a half-hour phone call.

Lawyers who participate in a referral program must be certified and currently in good standing with the Florida State Bar.  However, you usually don’t have the option of pre-screening attorneys with most lawyer referral programs.  As mentioned, your choice of attorneys may be limited, especially if you are using a county-specific referral program.  As with any legal services, it is up to you if you wish to hire a particular lawyer or to use a different type of service.     

Probably the best thing for you to do is to review a number of different attorney referral services so that you have a wide range of choices.  There are websites such as Lawyer Referral Services that review and compare LRS programs.

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