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What is Marijuana Possession?

Marijuana is a Schedule I drug. Marijuana possession involves both knowing and deliberately possessing the drug. There are two ways a person can possess marijuana. The first is actual possession and it refers to a defendant physically having marijuana. The other is constructive possession and it refers to the defendant having knowledge and control over the drug, but the marijuana isn’t in physical possession.

Can I Get Charged with Marijuana Possession If I Don’t Have Actual Marijuana?

Yes. In Arizona, marijuana possession is illegal if the defendant has real or imitation marijuana. Even medical marijuana if purchased without a valid prescription like:

Will I Be Charged With Marijuana Possession If I Have Less Than Two Pounds of The Drug?

Yes. Having that amount of marijuana is a class 5 felony. It carries a sentence of probation for a first offense.

What is the Sentence for Possessing Two to Four Pounds of Marijuana?

Possessing this amount carries a higher penalty. To possess up to four pounds of marijuana for personal use and not for sale is a class 4 felony. The sentence is:

What is the Sentence for Possessing More than Four Pounds of Marijuana?

Possession for more than four pounds of marijuana is a class 3 felony. The sentence depends on the conviction:

Am I Eligible for TASC?

Treatment Assessment Screening Centers (TASC) is a program for those who need treatment for substance abuse and mental health. Some defendants who complete the program have their sentences reduced or dismissed. Whether a defendant is eligible for the program depends on the offense.

Do I Need to Talk to a Lawyer?

Yes. It’s vital to discuss your case with a criminal lawyer to understand your rights, defenses, and TASC eligibility.

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