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What Is Marijuana Cultivation?

Drug cultivation involves growing plants listed as a controlled substance. The most common plants illegal to grow are opium and marijuana. Other plants include those considered hallucinogenic or intoxicants.

In Arizona, marijuana cultivation is a serious felony. Arizona considers it illegal to grow marijuana in a backyard planter or in an indoor hydroponic garden.

What If I Was Growing the Marijuana For Personal Use?

If an individual has between two to four pounds of marijuana for personal use, it’s considered a felony.

What is the Possible Marijuana Cultivation Sentence?

The amount of time in prison depends on the times convicted for marijuana cultivation:

Will I Have to Spend Time in Prison?

Arizona does apply mandatory drug sentencing. A mandatory sentencing involves requiring the offender spend a minimum number of years in prison.

Is Marijuana Cultivation the Same as Marijuana Possession?

No. Marijuana possession involves having the drug either on someone’s person or in control of it. This doesn’t mean the individual who has possession actually grew the marijuana. Possession marijuana isn’t illegal if the person has a valid prescription for medical marijuana.

What Are Some Defenses to Marijuana Cultivation?

The specific defenses available depend on the facts of the situation. Some defenses include police abuse of power, unwitting possession, and illegal search and seizure.

Can a Criminal Lawyer Assist Me With My Drug Cultivation Case?

Contact a criminal lawyer to determine how to fight your drug cultivation case. The lawyer will explain the criminal charge and if the charge can be dismissed or reduced.

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