Acts of God or Natural Disaster Accidents

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What Is an Act Of God?

An Act of God is a natural event that cannot be prevented by humans such as: 

These are forces of nature that no one has control over and usually cannot be predicted.

I Suffered Damage From an Act of God - Can I Sue God? 

No, the United States does not have jurisdiction over God and has no method of providing God with legal counsel or with enforcing judgments.  No court has ever even allowed a lawsuit against God so don't even think about it.   

How Can I Recover For Damages From an Act Of God?

If an accident truly resulted from an Act of God, your own insurance might pay for some of the damage.  However, just because the accident may have been caused by an Act of God does not mean that there may not be someone else responsible for the damages that the Act of God created.  Carefully examine all facts of the accident to see if there is a responsible party, such as a person who ignored or made you disregard warning signs.  If another person's negligence can be determined to be a cause of the accident, then the fact that an Act of God occurred will not override that and you will be able to collect damages from that person.

What Types of Lawsuits Are Most Commonly Associated With Acts of God?

Most lawsuits connected with Acts of God involve environmental damage by businesses carrying or storing materials such as chemicals or oil.  Many lawsuits, however, involve people injured by destroyed buildings or resulting from hazardous conditions such as hanging ornaments.  

Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

Liability resulting from Acts of God can be difficult to prove but are not impossible to pursue if you have been seriously injured.  Speak with an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss your options and find out whether filing a lawsuit is recommended.

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