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A large county in southeastern New York, Westchester County is on the edge of New York City and the Bronx. As New York City grew over the years it swallowed much of what was once Westchester County. These days, the area is primarily suburban, and a haven for those seeking to escape the “concrete jungle” of the Big Apple.

Westchester County lawyers can assist you in any legal issue you may be facing. These include criminal defense, personal injury litigation, bankruptcy, real estate transactions, family law, and many others.

Attorneys in Westchester County recently settled a federal lawsuit brought against the County by the Department of Justice (DOJ). The DOJ alleged that Westchester County officials were violating the Voting Rights Act by failing to provide election materials in languages other than English.

Westchester County Courts are within New York’s 9th Judicial District. Throughout the county there are also various city courts, such as those in Yonkers and Mount Vernon. Your attorney should be familiar with whatever court you may be scheduled to appear in. Regardless of whether your case even gets to court, you will want to retain an attorney who is familiar with Westchester County court staff, judges, and other lawyers in the area.

Attorneys in Westchester County, such as White Plains lawyers, should be familiar with local ordinances. For example, Westchester County’s unique landscape has prompted the county to adopt wetland protection ordinances. These laws have very strict requirements for development in and around wetlands.

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