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Wayne County is the most populous county in Michigan, and the eleventh most populous county in the United States. Encompassing thirty-one cities, including Detroit, Wayne County is named after General “Mad Anthony” Wayne, who fought in both the Revolutionary war and the Northwest Indian war. Each of the “Big Three” domestic automakers were born in Wayne County, and the growth of the auto industry was directly linked to the growth of the county.
If you are facing a lawsuit in Wayne County, you need a Wayne County lawyer to represent you. These experienced professionals are well versed in many areas of law including tax, bankruptcy, fraud, criminal defense, contract negotiations, DUI, foreclosure, and many others.
In February 2009, a Wayne County man sued the Department of Defense and the US Army in federal district court in Detroit claiming that the defendants had violated his constitutional right to sue the government by hiding behind a defense of “state secrets.” In 1997 the Jewish military engineer was accused of being an Israeli spy because he wore a yarmulke and adhered to strict Jewish customs. After placing the engineer on leave and stripping him of security clearance, no charges of spying or treason were ever brought against the engineer. In 1998, he brought a suit for religious discrimination, but was defeated in 2002 when the Department of Defense and the US Army claimed the trial could not go forward because to do so would mean revealing state secrets. Now, the Wayne County engineer, who still works for the Army, is suing for the harm to his career and for the violation of his constitutional rights.
The Third Judicial Circuit Court of Michigan serves Wayne County. It is the largest judicial circuit in the state and has sixty-six judges. In addition, a Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan is in Wayne County. With the largest judicial circuit in the state, having a knowledgeable and experienced local attorney on your side in a lawsuit is a very large advantage.
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