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Sumner County is a great place to get away for the weekend. With local wine and many porches to sit on while sipping and watching red sunsets, visitors often find themselves wondering whether to extend their stay in Sumner County just a few more days. As well, locals find themselves with a lot of excitement and activities to do. From picking fresh strawberries in the spring to boating on Old Hickory Lake in the summer, there is always something fun and exiting waiting for you in Sumner County.
If you need legal advice in Sumner County, you can choose from one of the many experienced Sumner County lawyers who are ready to assist you. These legal professionals regularly aid their clients with such legal matters as personal injuries, tax preparations, criminal defenses, divorces, alimony agreements, child custody, and many more.
Gary Allen, an American county music artist, recently went to court in Sumner County to testify in a stalking case. The accused woman has allegedly been stalking the singer for the past four years, and has become increasingly erratic in her behavior, often sitting outside of Allen’s home for hours at a time. At the Sumner County court, Allen gave evidence that on a recent night, the stalking woman broke onto his property and dumped a lot of his furniture into his swimming pool in retaliation for Allen going out to drinks with a woman. In her defense, the woman claims that Allen stalked her for the two years prior to her obsession with Allen.
Most trial level cases are heard by one of three courts in Sumner County: the Sumner County Circuit Court, the Sumner County Chancery Court, or the Sumner County Criminal Court. Depending upon the type of case that you are involved with, you many have to report to any of these courts. A local Sumner County attorney who is comfortable in these courts can really help your lawsuit.
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