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St. Clair County is classified as part of the Detroit Metropolitan Area and is named after Lake Saint Clair. St. Clair County has many historic sites to see, such as Fort St. Joseph which was built in 1686, or the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse which was built in 1829.
There are many talented St. Clair County lawyers who are skilled in areas of law like bankruptcy, business, contracts, real estate, wills, personal injury, criminal defense, DUI, divorce, tax and many more.
St. Clair County recently settled a lawsuit that was brought by the family of a man who was killed by three sheriff’s officers in 2003. The man, a suspected drug dealer who had a warrant out for his arrest, had been stopped by the officers while he was driving his pickup truck. When the officers got out of their cars to apprehend the man, he allegedly started backing up his truck at the officers. The St. Clair County officers responded by firing at the man, killing him in the process. The family of the deceased man filed a wrongful death action against the county claiming that the sheriff’s officers used excessive force. In the settlement, St. Clair County admitted to no wrongdoing.
The residents of St. Clair County are served by both the 31st Circuit Court of Michigan and the 72nd District Court of Michigan. Most cases that go to court in this area are heard in these courts. The local attorneys regularly practice in these venues and can make sure that your case follows all of the procedures that it must. is a great website that provides you not only with a plethora of information in its LegalCenter, but also with a free legal matching service. This service can quickly and effectively match you to attorneys in your area that have represented clients with cases like yours before. As well, LegalMatch allows you to read attorney profiles and past client reviews, all so that you can make the best decision for your situation.
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