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Spartanburg derives its name from the Spartan regiment of the South Carolina militia. The militia fought the British in the American Revolutionary War only a few miles north of present day Spartanburg, and the area was settled soon thereafter. The town was originally the center of the local court, as it is today. Spartanburg maintains the old southern architectural charm, and boasts an eclectic mix of nightlife and shopping.

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Spartanburg lawyers can help you with criminal defense, real estate transactions, wills and trusts, bankruptcy, and any other legal issue you may be facing. In 2007, a class action lawsuit was settled in Spartanburg against a specialty bed company. The company was alleged to have violated anti-trust laws by monopolizing and illegally manipulating the specialty bed market. The case settled for over $330 million.

Lawyers in Spartanburg are familiar with the Spartanburg County Magistrate Courts, Spartanburg Probate Court, and all other courts in Spartanburg. Spartanburg attorneys know local court rules, procedures, and court staff. This local experience could come in handy if you have a case in Spartanburg.

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