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Located in Central Florida, Seminole County, FL is the second smallest county in Florida but boasts the 10th largest population. Seminole County is also the fastest growing county in the state, attracting high tech businesses such as Mitsubishi Power, Siemens, and Sprint. Seminole County is positioned as a quiet community oasis just 30 minutes from Walt Disney World and other Orlando attractions, and 40 minutes from the beach.

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There are also a large amount of excellent and experienced Seminole County lawyers throughout the community. Lawyers in Seminole County can help you with personal injury, bankruptcy, real estate transactions, criminal defense, and a variety of other legal issues you may face.

Seminole county attorneys recently litigated a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson subsidiaries. The lawsuit argued that pain-relieving Duragesic fentanyl patches which were incorrectly manufactured and/or accompanied by inadequate warnings resulted in the overdose death of a 34 year old mother after back surgery. The lawsuit settled in 2008 for $13.3 million.

The Florida court system is divided into 20 judicial circuits, which encompass circuit, county, and district courts. Attorneys in Seminole County may argue a case in the 18th Judicial Circuit Courts, the 5th District Court of Appeal., or the Florida Supreme Court. Your unique legal issues will determine in which court your case should be filed.

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