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The “City of Trees” earned its nickname as one of the most prodigious citrus producing areas in the nation. The seat of the aptly named Riverside County, Riverside is home to over 300,000 people.

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Riverside lawyers practice in a number of fields, including criminal law, immigration law, real estate transactions law, family law, estate planning law, and a host of others. Riverside attorneys famously litigated California v. Harada, a seminal case in the history of United States immigration law. Harada, a Japanese immigrant, bought land for his American born children. Their ownership rights were challenged under the now defunct “Alien Land Law,” which attempted to prevent Asian immigrants from owning land. The ruling allowed children of foreign born immigrants—who were US citizens—to own land. It dealt a major blow to a law that would eventually be completely overturned.

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Riverside attorneys practice in the Superior Court of Riverside County. Rules vary for different county courts in California, and a local Riverside lawyer will be familiar with the procedures specific to the court that your case may be heard in. This is important, as procedural rules can be the difference between your case being heard, or you being tossed out of court.

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