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Potter County is primarily defined by the quality of its residents. A strong sense of community is strengthened by a rural lifestyle with only a few major companies providing the primary employment in the area.  Potter County is known for its peace and quiet, friendliness, wonderful local produce and foods, and its setting where you can still see the stars.
If you are involved in a legal situation in Potter County, there are a number of talented Potter County lawyers who are available to assist you. These lawyers have experience in resolving matters in areas of law such as DUI defense, personal injury, slip and falls, product liability, child custody, alimony, divorce, burglary, assault, and many more.
The Paramount Baptist Church in Potter County recently settled the sexual-misconduct lawsuit that was brought against it by two parents who sent their kids to the church's school. The lawsuit alleged that the Potter County church did not properly screen its employees or take action regarding the accusations made against one of the church's teachers. The teacher in question pled guilty in 2006 to four counts of indecency with a child. The lawsuit also alleged that the Potter County church knew that the teacher had a prior history of misconduct with children and another employee had written to the church advising it to not let the teacher near children.
Potter County is served by the 47th District Court of Texas, which has the power to hear both civil and criminal cases arising in Potter County. Each judge that sits in this court has a different way of handling cases, and it pays to have a local attorney who knows each judge. A local Potter County attorney has this knowledge and can help you with your lawsuit.
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