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Polk County, FL officially became Florida's 39th county in 1861, created out of the former eastern half of Hillsborough County. Polk County lies at the state's geographic center with an estimated population of 581,000. The 4th largest county in Florida, Polk County maintains over 4,303 acres of public parkland, and the 48,156 acre Lake Kissimmee State Park.

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Polk County has also earned the nickname "The Water-ski Capital of the World" due to its abundance of accessible freshwater lakes. Industry in Polk County is diversified, but has historically been dependent upon phosphate mining, agriculture, and tourism.

Polk County lawyers have been attracted to the area due to its diverse industrial makeup and thriving community. Polk County lawyers commonly handle cases involving employment, family, immigration, real estate, personal injury, and medical malpractice disputes. These experienced attorneys can also handle any other legal matter you may face.

Lawyers in Polk County recently argued on both sides of a lawsuit against the local school district. The lawsuit, filed by an autistic plaintiff, alleged the Polk County School Board did not provide an "adequate" and "appropriate" education to the student under the U.S. Individuals with Disabilities Education Act when it graduated the student at the age of 18. The student claimed that he should have been educated until the age of 21; however, the school board argued that he met all the testing, GPA, and other requirements for graduation. The lawsuit reached a $475,000 settlement in fall 2008.

Florida's judiciary is divided into 20 judicial circuits, which encompass circuit, county, and district courts. Lake County attorneys normally file cases in the Lake County Circuit Court, the 5th District Circuit Court, the 5th District Court of Appeals, or the Florida Supreme Court. This complex court structure has a number of special rules and procedures with which your local Polk County lawyer is familiar.

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