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About Pasco County, Florida

Pasco County, Florida bills itself as a place to get away from the crowds of the cities and relax. With fantastic beaches and parks for visitors and residents alike to enjoy, Pasco County is truly a great vacation stop. Many visitors to the area often find themselves on saltwater fishing trips, or paddling around in a rented kayak for a day trip. Others relax on the warm, sunny beaches for the day, soaking in the sun. Whatever puts you in Pasco County, you'll be glad to be there.

In the News: Pasco County recently asked a judge to shut down a swingers club located in the county. Pasco County is not displeased by the nature of the club, but rather that it is in the wrong zoning location. Currently, the swingers club is located in a commercially zoned area above a deli and other businesses. However, state law requires all sexually oriented business to be located within industrial zoned areas. The club's attorney is arguing that the club is not a sexually oriented business and what its members do behind closed doors should not change the nature of the business.

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