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About Osceola County, Florida

Osceola County, Florida is currently estimated to be the seventeenth fastest growing county in the United States. This is attributed to the large influx of Puerto Rican residents who have left their island home in favor of the beauty that Osceola County offers. In addition to providing excellent services to its residents, Osceola County also maintains over 40 parks, including a softball facility that hosts both regional and statewide tournaments of slow and fast pitch softball.

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In the News: An Osceola County man recently sued Disney after they fired him from his job as an unarmed security guard. The man brought his .45 caliber pistol to work and kept it locked in the trunk of his car. Disney, who has a strict no gun policy, first suspended and then fired the Osceola County man. The suit claims that Disney violated the Osceola County man's constitutional rights, and his rights under the new state law that permits owners of guns who have concealed carry permits to bring their firearms to work. Disney contends that because it has a permit to keep explosive compounds on site, mainly fireworks, the state law does not apply to it.

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