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The birthplace of four of our country’s presidents, Norfolk County is a large county in eastern Massachusetts. During the presidential race of Michael Dukakis and George H.W. Bush, both candidates were in fact born in Norfolk County.
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Norfolk County lawyers can help you with criminal defense, personal injury, bankruptcy, family law, and many other legal issues you may be facing.
Attorneys in Norfolk successfully defended their county sheriff from charges that he failed to promote an officer in retaliation for whistle blowing. A serious charge, the sheriff was able to prevent the case from continuing beyond the plaintiff’s presentation of the evidence, meaning that the plaintiff failed to adequately present their case.
You will want an experienced Norfolk County attorney to represent you if you have a case in Norfolk County. Your attorney should be familiar the Norfolk County Superior Court, and the Norfolk County Family and Probate Courts if your trial is a family matter or a case involving inheritance.
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