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Louisville was founded in 1778 and named after King Louis XIV of France.  Louisville is currently the largest city in Kentucky.  Tourists, including Lexington lawyers, flock to Louisville each year to watch the world-famous Kentucky Derby, the widely viewed race of the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing.  Louisville is situated on the Kentucky-Indiana border at the Falls of Ohio.  Louisville lies in Jefferson County, and also includes counties in Southern Indiana.  Louisville’s unique location has influenced its culture, which is a blend of Midwestern and Southern traditions. 

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Louisville’s dynamic location makes it an attractive transportation hub, and it is a strategic location for the shipping and cargo industry.  Louisville has recently become a central base for the health care and medical industries, and has been the birthplace of innovations in heart and hand surgery, as well as cancer treatment.  In addition, Louisville is home to about 3,000 lawyers.  Many of these Louisville lawyers are members of the Louisville Bar Association and Kentucky Bar Association

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Louisville attracts outstanding legal scholars.  Recently, Vicki Been, a professor of law and public policy at New York University, delivered the Boehl Distinguished Lecture in Land Use Policy at the University of Louisville, in which she discussed the effects of inclusionary zoning on local housing markets.  The Boehl Distinguished Lecture Series is just one of the law and policy initiatives in land use and environmental responsibility at the University of Louisville, and is sponsored by the Brandeis School of Law and School of Urban Public Affairs at the University of Louisville. 

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