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Leominster is a Worchester County city that that has played a major role in the plastics industry. Leominster is also home to the plastic pink flamingo, Dupont Viscoloid Company (which manufactures combs and other toiletries), and a number of great parks.
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Leominster is also where you will find a number of lawyers who take a wide range of cases. Lawyers in Leominster are familiar with local court procedures; some typical cases include: bankruptcy, personal injury, wrongful termination, divorce, and drafting wills.
Recently, Leominster residents settled a long standing legal battle with land developers. Residents of Leominster approved a plan that bars the construction of a Wal-Mart super center. The projects have been plotted for the south side of Route 117 and include limits on the hours of stores’ operation, square footage available, restrictions on overnight parking, and measures to combat noise and light pollution.
If you are planning on filing a lawsuit in Leominster, you will file with the Civil Division of the Worchester Superior Court, or the Worchester District Court if your small claims case does not exceed the $2,000 limit; there is no limit on real property cases in either court. There are many divisions with which to file and it’s important you file correctly or your case may be thrown out. To be sure your case is being correctly taken care of, hire an experienced Leominster lawyers from LegalMatch.
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