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Johnson County, TX is located 55 miles southwest of downtown Dallas in the north central region of the state. Covering 740 square miles, the county was first settled by Henry Briden, whose log cabin along the Nolan River can still be seen along State Highway 174 today.
Today Johnson County's population has blossomed to almost 150,000. Johnson County is primarily prairie and savannah, with the area's industry primarily tied to agriculture until the later 20th century. More recently, Johnson County has diversified with operations in the railroad business, agribusiness, and manufacturing attracting residents to its communities. Residents and visitors alike enjoy attractions such as the Layland museum and the Cleburne State Park.
Numerous Johnson County lawyers have been attracted to the close-knit feel of this rural community. Johnson County lawyers often deal with business, real estate, intellectual property, family, criminal, personal injury, and medical malpractice disputes. No matter your issue, Johnson County lawyers have experience and a successful track record in your area of need.
Attorneys in Johnson County recently argued a case involving a local telecommunications company. The lawsuit alleged that the remaining partner conspired with the former partners' software service provider to charge a higher price to the former partner after dissolution of the partnership. The anti-trust lawsuit was successful, with the plaintiff recovering $800,000 in damages.
The judicial system in Texas is structured as limited jurisdiction courts (including justice courts, municipal courts, and county-level courts), district courts, Courts of Appeal, a Court of Criminal Appeals, and a Supreme Court. Attorneys in Johnson County may argue their case in the 18th District Court, the 413th District Court, the 249th District Court, the 10th Court of Appeals, or the Supreme Court of Texas. This complex system has a wide variety of rules and procedures, which your local Johnson County lawyer can explain. can help in your search for a Johnson County lawyer. You can find helpful tips on selecting the right lawyer, as well as general information on a number of legal topics on our website. Our free service also pre-screens qualified, experienced Bedford attorneys with a proven track record in your legal area of need. Present your case today and receive a response from a local Johnson County attorney in 24 hours.
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