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imperial county divorce lawyer, imperial county custody attorney, imperial county employment lawyers, imperial county defense attorneys,Imperial County is California’s most Southeastern county bordering Arizona and Nevada and playing host to 145,000 residents. Scenes from Star Wars were filmed in Imperial Valley dunes; Top Gun and Independence Day both feature scenes filmed at the El Centro Naval Air Station.

Imperial County is home to a number of lawyers who take a mixed selection of cases; some typical examples include green card immigration, divorce, automobile accident personal injury, contract, and child custody cases. Lawyers in Imperial County will be able to consult on many different issues since they are familiar with both county and state courts.

Recently in Imperial County, the domestic partner of a deceased Palomar accounting clerk Michael Barber has filed a lawsuit against Palomar Community College, an employee, and Hartford Life Insurance for alleged breach of contract, bad faith, breach of obligation, negligence, and unfair business practice. Donald Clark, Barber’s life partner, maintains that Barber has two polices that totaled $130,000 which the accused refused to pay out upon his death from lung cancer. Clark and his legal team are seeking punitive and economic damages as well as court costs in the case.

If you have been falsely denied by a life insurance company, you will likely be filing your civil case with the Imperial County Superior Court in El Centro, California. California Superior Courts handle most cases since as the only trial level courts, they retain exclusive jurisdiction over domestic relations case like divorce, criminal cases, juvenile, traffic, civil, small claims, and mental health cases. The Superior Court system does not hear immigration cases; they are handled by the U.S. Immigration Court in Imperial, California.

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