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Hinesville is preeminently the seat of Liberty County and the principal city of the Hinesville-Fort Stewart Metropolitan Area. Hinesville is home to 31,000 residents who mainly identify as Caucasian or African-American. Hinesville is locally known for great boutique shopping and outstanding restaurants.


Some Hinesville residents are bar certified lawyers who are familiar with practicing in local Georgia courts. Lawyers in Hinesville advise clients on a wide range of cases including bankruptcy, immigration visa, DUI, divorce, and civil issues like personal injury and medical malpractice cases.
Recently in Hinesville, Liberty County Police teamed up with state law enforcement officials to serve warrants and arrest 40 child pornography suspects. Twenty-four local agencies in all including the FBI, ICE, and U.S. Postal Service helped carryout Operation Restore Hope that landed locals like William Noletto and Danny Harden in jail. Child pornography charges are very serious and federal agency involvement means that federal mandatory minimum sentencing laws will come into play.
If you have a case to file in Hinesville then you will be heading to the Liberty County Superior Court that retains exclusive custody over felony criminal, domestic relations, and real property cases. Superior courts in Georgia also take civil, contract, tort, traffic, and other criminal cases like appeals from lower level courts. If you have an immigration issue that needs to be handled then you will be heading to the U.S. Immigration Court in Atlanta, Georgia.
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