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Greenville’s central location between major cities in the South helped spur its development into a trading center and railroad hub for the South in the mid 1800’s. Its geography also helped its popularity. While the coast and other low-level areas of the South were inundated with mosquitoes and malaria, Greenville and the surrounding elevated foothills offered a pleasant respite from the humidity and the bugs, allowing the town to market itself as a health resort.  Today Greenville is a city of over 50,000 residents and the county seat of Greenville County, SC.

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Greenville lawyers practice in a number of fields, including personal injury law, criminal law, immigration law, real estate law, bankruptcy law, estate planning law, and others. Recently, a woman in Greenville filed a products liability lawsuit against Victoria Secret over a bra she claims was negligently designed. After putting the bra on in the morning, she noticed discomfort. She attempted to take off the bra, and in doing so alleges that the bra left her with a 3 inch wide, ¼ inch deep laceration in her breast. She missed work due to her doctor’s visits and was fired, and is now suing for a variety of damages.

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