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Galveston County encompasses the entire island city of Galveston. With over 30 miles of pristine beaches, the county boasts amazing and beautiful living conditions in small, tight-knit town communities. Galveston County is made up of more water than land, but that does not stop this county from maximizing the land it has. Galveston Country draws millions of tourists every year to its breathtaking cities.

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Galveston County is also home to many talented Galveston County lawyers who are available to represent you in your legal action. These legal professionals are skilled in areas of law such as divorce, real estate, personal injury, DUI, tax, commercial transactions, tourism, and many more.

A Galveston County lawyer is currently representing three individuals who were laid off from the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston in their action to get their jobs back. The lawsuit alleges that layoffs were illegal and null because they were the result of four meetings held behind closed doors which were in violation of the Texas Open Meeting Act. Recently, the UTMB tried to get the venue changed to El Paso, but the Galveston County judge was not persuaded by the arguments and ordered the trial date set for October 2009 in Galveston County.

Galveston County is served by the Galveston County District Court, which has the power to hear both civil and criminal cases arising in Galveston County. Each judge that sits in this court has a different personality, and it pays to have a lawyer who knows how each judge thinks and decides. A local Galveston County attorney has this knowledge and it would be to your advantage to hire such a lawyer. is here to help you find a talented Galveston County attorney to represent you in your case. Here at LegalMatch, we are not only committed to helping you find legal representation, but also finding you the right attorney for your case. To this end, we offer you information about each lawyer's profile as well as client reviews so you can make an informed decision.

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