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Fulton County is the largest county in Georgia. Fulton County is most famously known as the home of Atlanta: Georgia's largest city. Almost the entire Fulton county consists of cities, and a new county initiative would further incorporate every part of Fulton County into a city. If successful, it would eliminate Fulton County's government entirely and make the State of Georgia the next highest authority after local city governments.

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Fulton County has a large number of attorneys. Fulton County lawyers practice in criminal law, personal injury, real estate, bankruptcy, wills and trusts, and many other fields.

In 2005, a gunman opened fire in the Fulton County Courthouse, killing a court reporter. The court reporter's family filed a negligence lawsuit against Fulton County, which was challenged but eventually allowed to proceed.  Attorneys in Fulton County generally practice in the Fulton County Court system. Taking a page from modern airport terminals, the Fulton County Superior Court installed electronic displays in their main waiting areas, allowing visitors to quickly and easily find their court-rooms.

Fulton County is facing a layoff of local Fulton County public defenders in an effort to save money. Many worry that the layoff of public defenders will prevent indigent clients from receiving counsel, and will lead to an increased workload on already overloaded Fulton County Public Defenders.

The Fulton County Superior Court has been in the news recently thanks to popular singer Usher.  Usher’s ex-wife Tameka Raymond filed papers in Fulton County Superior Court in February 2012.  Tameka is asking Usher to pay $50,000 to cover her attorney’s fees in the couple’s custody battle plus an additional $35,000 for other costs.  This custody battle is destined to draw attention because the ex-wife is claiming that Usher abuses drugs and other harmful substances, making him a not-so-fit-father-figure for their two children to be around.  Given Usher’s popularity and large fan following, this case is bound to draw a lot of media attention to Fulton County. 

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