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Fairfield County, located on the gold coast of Connecticut, is one of the more affluent counties in the region. Only a short way from New York City, many major companies have moved their headquarters to Fairfield County because of its location. Fairfield County boasts 30 miles of exceptionally beautiful coast line, small towns with magnificent restaurants and boutique shops, and the spectacular rolling hills of the New England countryside.

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There are also many highly talented Fairfield County lawyers in the area. These lawyers are skilled in areas of law such as corporate, bankruptcy, tax, personal injury, product liability, DUI, divorce, criminal defense, and many more.
The Fairfield County Medical Association has beeing making national headlines by suing UnitedHealthcare. Along with the Hartford County Medical Association, the Fairfield County Medical Association filed a lawsuit against UnitedHealthcare to prevent the insurance giant from terminating several doctors that are members of the association.  All of the doctors that UnitedHealthcare wants to get rid of are part of its network of acceptable doctors for the  Medicare Advantage plan, and they all have refused to accept changes that UnitedHealthcare has made to that plan.  UnitedHealthcare asserts that it can remove the doctors from its network unilaterally, but the Fairfield County Medical Association and the Hartford County Association, who has members facing the same problem, are arguing that the changes to the plan and the removal violate the terms of the contracts that their members have with the insurance company.  The trial is currently ongoing.
Fairfield County is served by three judicial districts: Fairfield, Stamford-Newark, and Danbury. Each of these judicial districts has a superior court which has both a criminal and civil division. When you have a lawsuit in Fairfield County, you will probably be required to go to one of these courts, and this is where a lawyer with local Fairfield County knowledge will be of invaluable help to you.
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