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The westernmost county in Florida, Escambia County is named for the Escambia River. The county is home to three institutions of higher learning including the University of West Florida, which is an excellent mid-sized public university. This university in Escambia County is currently building a new and modern science and engineering building that will house one of the best robotic labs in the nation.


If you are facing legal charges in Escambia County, you will probably want to talk to one of the many experienced Escambia County lawyers in the area. These attorneys can help you with any type of legal proceeding that you are involved in including personal injury, contracts, DUI charges, criminal defense, divorce proceedings, child custody, and many more.
An Escambia County newspaper recently was cleared of any wrongdoing when a lawsuit that was brought against the company was dismissed by the Florida Supreme Court. The lawsuit, brought by a road contractor, claimed that a news story published in 1998 portrayed the contractor in a false light even though true facts were used in the story. The trial court jury awarded the man $18 million in damages, but this was overturned by the appellate court. The man appealed this decision to the state’s high court, but was ultimately unsuccessful. While ruling in favor of the Escambia County newspaper, the Florida Supreme Court ruled that a claim of false light is not a valid legal action.
If you need to file a lawsuit in Escambia County, you will have to deal with the First Judicial Circuit of Florida, which has its main courthouse in Escambia County. Many people are often overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork that is needed to file a lawsuit, but there are many Escambia County attorneys ready to help you.
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