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Elkhart County is home to 200,000 Indiana residents who enjoy the RV capital of the world and its large Amish population. Elkhart County is also home to Amish Acres which hosts the Amish Acres Arts & Crafts Festival and a number of other performances at the Amish Acres Round Barn Theater.

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Elkhart County is also called home by a number of talented lawyers who know well the local courts and their procedures. Lawyers in Elkhart County advise on a wide variety of cases, some typical examples consisting of divorce, personal injury, real estate, probate, and miscellaneous criminal cases.
Recently in Elkhart County, a number of new laws went into effect. House Bill 1462 is now in effect giving public school teachers “qualified immunity” from lawsuits related to disciplinary action state-wide. This means that the state attorney general will defend teachers being sued and hopefully discourage school districts from settling so many lawsuits. The law is aimed at keeping school allocated funds in the pockets of schools rather than in the pockets of law-suit happy parents who don’t want their children disciplined.
If you have a personal injury claim to be filed in Elkhart County, you’re most likely to file with the Superior Court in Elkhart or the Circuit Court in Goshen because they have similar jurisdictions. Both the Circuit and Superior Courts are responsible for tort, contract, domestic relations cases like divorce, criminal, juvenile, traffic infractions, mental health, civil, and small claims cases that do not exceed $6,000. These are the highest level trial courts in the state of Indiana and will be the filing location for most cases except cases like immigration.
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