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Dutchess County is located in eastern New York State, to the east of the Hudson River and to the west of the New York-Connecticut border. Dutchess County is steeped in history, and is possibly best know for being the location that Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt used to test out their New Deal ideas. The rich history can be seen at every turn in the county from old colonial houses to stone churches.

To many people’s surprise, Dutchess County is known for its great athletic program.  The county has a very well-known minor league baseball team called The Hudson Valley Renegades, a team that has now become a member of the New York-Penn League, and often plays at the Dutchess Stadium. 

Dutchess County also has many talented Dutchess County lawyers who are available to assist you in your legal problems. These attorneys have expertise in many areas of law including personal injury, divorce, commercial real estate, tax, DUI, criminal defense, child custody, and more.

A former superintendent of a school district in Dutchess County is seeking more than $100 million in damages in his suit against Dutchess County. The man filed suit in March 2009 alleging that he had been the victim of malicious prosecution and bad investigation that ruined his career. Dutchess County had originally brought a suit against the man claiming that he had embezzled nearly $1 million, but the man was cleared of all charges. The former superintendent claims that the criminal suit was brought for improper reasons and there was never enough evidence to convict him.

Dutchess County is served by the 9th Judicial District, which houses a branch of the state's trial courts. These courts hear all types of cases that are brought in Dutchess County, and having a Dutchess County lawyer with you when you enter court can make the proceedings much better for your case.

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