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Dallas County is the ninth most populated county in the nation, with about 2.4 million residents. Dallas serves as the county seat, and is the biggest city in the county as well. Dallas County was named for George Mifflin Dallas, who served as the eleventh U.S. vice president.

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The Dallas County criminal justice system is notable in that it currently leads the nation in wrongful convictions that were later overturned. One reason for the high number of exonerations is that the Dallas police department keeps biological evidence for a longer period of time than most other departments; this practice allows crime labs to test DNA evidence from old cases.

Dallas County also runs a number of jail facilities, and has gained national attention for enacting a unique probation program called Dual Diagnosis. Dual Diagnosis breaks with the traditional practice of treating drug addiction and mental illness separately; instead, these afflictions are treated concurrently, in accordance with the latest research findings which show that many individuals take illegal drugs in order to self medicate. Dual Diagnosis is staffed by case workers, medical professionals, public defenders, and probation officers, who all provide the assigned judges with updates on the individuals in treatment.

Many of Dallas County’s finest lawyers were trained in Dallas County law schools. Dallas County is home to a number of well-respected law schools, including Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law and Texas Wesleyan University School of Law. The University of Texas at Dallas also boasts an excellent pre-law program for undergraduates who are thinking of pursuing a career in law.

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