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Brevard County is sometimes known as the Space Coast because the John F. Kennedy Space Center is located in the county. The space center is a major tourist draw and the county benefits from having the launch facility within its borders. Although the current launches of the space shuttles are coming to an end, Brevard County will usher in the new age of space flight when new Orion spacecraft are launched in 2015.

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If you have legal charges pending against you in Brevard County, you will want to talk to one of the talented Brevard County lawyers in the area. These attorneys can give you advice about many areas of law including DUI, divorce, personal injury, automobile accidents, insurance, business, contracts, employment, criminal defense, and more.
A Brevard County attorney is currently representing a group of Brevard County clients in their attempt to recover some of the money that they invested in Capital Blu, a now defunct Florida investment firm. Capital Blu had acquired about $17 million in investment capital from various sources, including the group of Brevard County investors, before the federal agencies began investigating the firm. The investigators are pretty sure that the investors will not get their full amount of investment back as the only real assets of the firm that have been discovered is $500,000 in cash and a private jet worth $2 million. This leaves a little over $14 million that is unaccounted for, but there are reports that the investment firm spent much money on private flights, exotic dancers, fancy cars, and other such luxury items.
Brevard County is served by the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit of Florida. When you have a case in this county, you will likely have to report to this court. Gathering all of the relevant evidence for your case can be difficult, but a local attorney can make this process easier for you.
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