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Blount County has a rich history that runs for many hundreds of years. Originally, the land that is now Blount County was passed down through various native tribes and eventually reached the Cherokee. When white settlers entered the area and made a few rudimentary settlements, the Cherokees started to get restless. The tensions grew until the treaty of 1819. Before the Civil War, the county was a center of the abolitionist movement. Today, Blount County is home to Maryville College, one of the fifty oldest colleges in the United States. 
If you need the advice of legal counsel in Blount County, there are many qualified Blount County lawyers to choose from. These attorneys are skilled in many areas of law including bankruptcy, divorce, DUI defense, alimony, child support, personal injury, automobile accidents, civil rights, criminal defense, contracts, and more.
A federal appeals court recently agreed with the Blount County Board of Education in a lawsuit that was brought against the board by three former Blount County High School students. The students brought their lawsuit in 2005 when the school banned the wearing of the Confederate battle flag on any clothing. The ban came as a result of increased racial tension that included a fight, graffiti of the Confederate flag and a noose. The court agreed that the Blount County Board of Education could reasonably forecast that the wearing of the Confederate flag would disrupt the education of the high school's students.
Blount County is served by the Blount County Circuit Court which hears all types of cases from civil claims all the way to felony criminal cases. The local Blount County attorneys can make sure that all the required paperwork for your lawsuit is filed timely and correctly in this court.
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