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bergen county lawyer,bergen county attorney,bergen lawyers,bergen attorneys,Bergen County, while located in New Jersey, is part of the New York Metropolitan area. Bergen County has been ranked as one of the most overpriced counties in the United States and is in the top twenty highest income counties in the nation. Despite this wealth, the county still enforces blue laws which prevent almost all business from being open on Sundays, with an exception for grocery stores. This is an ironic twist because the borough of Paramus, which is in Bergen County, is considered one of the largest shopping meccas in the country and accounts for over $5 billion in annual sales, more than any other ZIP code in the US, but must be closed on Sundays.

If you are involved in a legal battle in Bergen County, there are many Bergen County lawyers who are ready to represent you. These lawyers are well experienced in many areas of law including taxation, bankruptcy, corporate, intellectual property, personal injury, criminal defense, products liability, and more.

Bergen County residents recently filed a defamation lawsuit in federal court against the makers of the movie "Out of the Furnace."  The residents, who are members of the Ramapough Lunaape Nation, claim that the movie, which is set in Bergen County, portrays members of the Ramapough Lunaape Nation in a negative light because one of the main characters, played by Woody Harrelson, and his gang appear to be Ramapough Lunaape Native Americans. Woody Harrelson's character and his gang allegedly perpetrate negative stereotypes of and encourage discrimination against the Ramapough Lunaape Nation.

Bergen County is served by the Bergen County Justice Center, which has courts for all types of matters, both civil and criminal, on site. Because Bergen County is so prosperous, the lawyers in the area are top notch and would be a great addition for your case.

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